Zeagle Onyx II Monthly Madness Prize Draw


The Zeagle Onyx II Regulator is an outstanding piece of kit that outperforms many in its class. The black chrome plated marine brass first stage regulator is a balanced diaphragm design which is inherently environmentally sealed. That means there is no risk of water, sand, salt or grit entering your first stage through the balance chamber. This in turn helps to keep maintenance and servicing costs down. The Onyx II second stage is lightweight, compact and comfortable. Making this first and second stage a great combo to hit the water with.

The First stage is equipped with 2 high pressure ports and 5 ports for mounting of gauges and additional accessory items such as inflator hose and octopus regulator. With high performance porting in a balanced diaphragm design, make this one clean regulator first stage that will give you years of corrosion free service and extreme reliability in cold water conditions. With this high number of accessory ports this regulator is suited for both recreational and technical diving. As with technical diving hose entanglement in wrecks, caves and reefs could prove fatal it is important that hose run close to the body. The arrangement of these ports allow for close running hoses when back mounting twin tanks.

Zeagle’s Onyx II Second Stage has diver adjustable inhalation resistance controls, free-flow control, and anodized aluminium heat sink built-in anti-freezing feature. So no matter what temperate water you are diving in the risk of this regulator freezing on a dive is extremely low! Specific design changes have created a regulator that is resistant to free-flow on the surface, yet has incredible smoothness and ease of breathing underwater. Whether your working hard and cruising along the adjustable inhalation control means you can adjust the flow of air you receive to suit your style of diving.

The complete regulator weighs 1.2kg with the hose comes with a comprehensive owner’s manual, and is Nitrox ready to 40% out of the box. With such an exhaustive list of features this is a great addition to our Monthly Madness Prize pool. So head remember to head in store and anytime you spend over $100 you will receive an entry into the draw for this great regulator. The winner will be drawn at the end of march so mach sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the lucky new owner of this regulator.

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