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PADI Specialty Courses

PADI Specialty Dive Courses:

Boat Diver - $295 + Boat

Develop the knowledge & skills reuired to dive safely off boats with 2 dives 

Deep Diver - $375

Review deep dive planning, techniques and potential hazards with 4 dives 

Drysuit Diver  - $275

Learn suitable dry suit diving techniques, hazards and basic maintenance with 1 pool session and 2 dives 

Emergency Oxygen Provider - $195

Learn why oxygen is beneficial in an emergency and practice with different delivery systems 

Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) - $345

Analyse your cylinder, identify potential hazards, then plan & conduct 2 dives with up to 40% Nitrox

Equipment Specialty - $195

Increase your understanding of how your dive equipment works and perform routine maintenance procedures 

Night Diver - $345

Experience sites at night, identify different species and potential hazrads with 3 dives


Peak Performance Bouyancy - $295

Fine tune your bouyancy control skills and comfort underwater with proper weighting and trim with 2 dives

Search & Recovery Diver - $375

Practive a variety of search pattens and recovery methods to locate lost objects over 4 dives

Sidemount Diver - $395

Learn equipment set up and special techniques for sidemount with 1 pool session and 3 dives

Underwater Naturalist - $295

L:earn how to identify a range of local species and how to interact with marine life with 2 dives

Underwater Navigator - $345

Gain confidence using compass and natural navigation techniques to explore dive sites with 3 dives

Wreck Diver - $375 + Boat

Explore wrecks, identify hazards, prepare and use wreck reels for wreck penetration with 4 dives

Zombie Apocolypse Diver - $350

Learn a variety of special techniques to rescue the professor and escape the zombies with 2 dives