Monthly Madness Prize Draw – Enriched Air Course

As a diver you know that your bottom time is limited due to the Nitrogen we absorb.  When diving ~18 metres or shallower, you can stay for up to an hour if you have enough air.  But go a little deeper and your bottom time is reduced dramatically.

Well why not extend your bottom time by using Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)?  More bottom time allows more time to explore your favourite dive sites. With more Oxygen and less Nitrogen, you get longer under the water as long as you take enough gas with you. Standard air contains 21% Oxygen while standard EANx mixes contain 32% or 36% Oxygen. As a recreational ‘Nitrox’ diver you can dive with 22-40% Oxygen

The course involves a manual to read and knowledge reviews complete, or you can do this all online before joining your instructor who will  how you how to analyse your Enriched Air mix, calculate your maximum operating depths (MoDs) and plan your dives.


You will then need to complete 2 fun dives with your instructor (what a shame), so they can sign you off as a PADI Enriched Air Diver.





While we can dive longer on Nitrox we can not always dive deep as at higher concentrations Oxygen itself can become toxic so understanding these concepts, planning your dives within the gas limits and being able to stick to your dive plan is very important.

You can also opt to dive within standard air time limits to increase your safety margins – a popular choice whilst on holiday when you are planning to do as much diving as you can. Some operators provide Enriched Air fills to certified divers for this reason – we will definitely be taking advantage of this option when we head to Palau in August with 15+ dives in a week!



Some divers also feel less tired after completing Nitrox Dives when compared to similar air dives. Another advantage.

This specialty  counts towards one of the 5 PADI specialties you need to gain the Master Scuba Diver qualification.

Spend $100 in store this month and be in to WIN the PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty.

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