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Air Fillers Certification

Air Fillers Certificate

Whether you have your own air compressor or fill dive cylinders as part of your work duties were you aware that by law you need to be qualified to do this?

All dive cylinders filled in New Zealand require the filler to hold a WorkSafe NZ approved certification in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Compressed Gas Regulations. 

Failure to comply with this legislation could incur heavy penalties.

Learn to safely identify and fill dive cylinders by completing the NZU Air Fillers program.

  • SCUBA Cylinders, valves and valve types
  • SCUBA cylinder fill pressures
  • Compressor operation & compressor filters
  • Pure air & the factors contributing to contaminated air
  • HSWA Act and regulations
  • Cylinder filling procedures
  • Safe filling speeds
  • Enforcement / compliance

Air Filler Certificates last for five years and are assigned to the filler, not the filling station.

The Air Fillers Programme will take about 3 hours to complete.  We will go through the course materials and expand on the theory as we work through the practical side of the course.  We will be navigating the Worksafe Records of Cylinders Website for reference, a laptop will be useful.

We have a large selection of cylinders to compare materials, sizes, pressures, markings, contents and other important factors.

At the end there is a short exam and application form to complete. 


A copy of your passport or birth certificate
15 years of age 


  • Air Fillers Training Course: $325 (inc)
    Group theory and practical session (~3hrs)
    Includes the Air Fillers Certificate
  • Private courses and onsite training options available. POA