Dive HQ Wellington Covid-19 Policy
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We have spent some time here at Dive HQ speaking with our staff, divers, other stores and dive destinations around the country about the risks COVID-19 poses to the dive community.

While we all know we can’t dive while sick the long term symptoms of COVID may affect our ability to dive well into the future. We know that scuba diving is a hobby that you all enjoy and for some of us it is a passion as well as a career.

We have looked at how we can reduce the risk of exposure and COVID-19's impact on our health and have determined that it is nearly impossible to maintain social distancing or mask wearing while diving, especially during courses and group trips.

In light of this we are introducing a No Vaccination – No Diving Policy at Dive HQ Wellington.

If you enroll on a course or trip with us, know that all our staff will be double vaccinated for everyone's safety and wellbeing. While we respect other people’s decisions in this matter, we do not wish to subject our staff and customers to any unnecessary risks. 




We will require proof of vaccination or a valid medical exemption from customers enrolling on courses and trips. This will mean showing us your vaccine pass, either on your phone or as a letter.

Our policy will apply to our staff, divers and other providers. There is still a lot of work to be done as we continue to move through the various levels and recieve more information from the government. 

If you have any questions or concerns about what this policy may entail please contact us.

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