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3 piece Aluminium Hand Spear


The perfect weight of a spear is a compromise between carrying comfort and penetration power. Too light, and you can’t penetrate tough scales, to heavy, and it becomes a nightmare to carry, resulting in speedy onset of fatigue. The 3 piece Land and Sea Fibreglass Hand Spear has you covered for penetration and fatigue, the perfect weight.

At spot on 2 meters when put together, the three piece construction allows for convenient transport and storage. Joiners are Chromed Brass, the shaft is quality extruded fibreglass, and the barb, the business end of your spear, features the exclusive 'Stay-Fast' mechanical retaining system. This system features barbs with a ground notch mechanically located by 360 degree round swaging. For further strength and durability the barbs are bedded in epoxy resin.

Rubber and barb heads are replaceable and sold separately. When your rubber becomes too stretched, or your barbs are beyond a re-sharpen, simply place an order with us and we’ll have you back in the hunt in no time.

The 3 piece Land and Sea Fibreglass Hand Spear for sale now, is ideal for all levels of Hand Spear fishing experience, whether you use scuba, or simple free dive with snorkelling kit. Grab yours now and hit a kelp forest for some serious fish stalking.

Features and Specifications

  • 2.0m in length when constructed
  • 3-piece design (680 mm x 2, 700 mm x 1)
  • Extruded fibreglass construction
  • Chromed brass joiners
  • 5-barb brass cluster tip
  • STAY-FAST retaining system. Cluster secured with solder and epoxy resin
  • Rubber and Head included.
  • Ideal for Hand Spear Fishing


  • The brass five-barb cluster tip provides outstanding penetration and hold.
  • The STAY-FAST retaining system coupled with solder and epoxy resin guarantees strength and durability.
  • 3 piece design is ideal for transport and storage.

The 3 piece Land and Sea Fibreglass Hand Spear is the perfect Hand spear for exploring the depths. A truly primal way of hunting fish, this is the modern take on an ancient craft. Get your spear now and hit the water for a full keeper bag of tasty white flesh.

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