Hollis Prism2 Rebreather






Only last month I mentioned blowing bubbles and then my new Hollis Prism2 Rebreather arrived and my dive course was scheduled for the 18th of June. Before I knew it I was up in Taupo diving without bubbles (except on ascent of course!)

Before that could happen however I (the non-technical person of the group) had to turn boxes of stuff into a  working Prism2. I am glad that the owner of our bach didn’t walk into his lounge once 5 divers had opened their ‘toys’. It did take all day but eventually 5 new rebreathers posed for their first photos.








The next day finally saw as at the lake and ready for our first dives. The first thing I noticed was how quiet they are and the second – how terrible my buoyancy was.  Honestly if my students touched the bottom as often as I did they would get told off. Fortunately as the diving progressed so did my buoyancy skills though they are still a work in progress.









3 long days and 4 long dives later and having completed the exam we are all now certified to dive our Prism2 rebreathers. Good news as I have already completed a fun dive here in Wellington and booked a last minute tropical getaway for some more rebreather dives!


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