Life as a Young Diver – Emma

The reson why I started diving was that my Mum and Dad had come home with pictures of them surrounded by fish, I was of the opinion that I need to do that! They looked like they had fun so I imagined myself in amongest all the fish.

Pool Time Pool Time Pool Time

My first Open Water dive was sceary, mainly because anything could happen. I was nervous not knowing what was on the bottom of the ocean floor. But I did it and I loved every miniute of it.

Diving is so much fun, even just a little starfishis amazing with all of their bright colours and seeing them in their natural habitat. Hermit crabs are so cool with their little pincers and all their mini eyes and stuff. I love diving mainly because I’ve seen so little but the ocean is so BIG!!!

StarfishHermit Crab

Being a diver is hard enough with the course, dive gear and the hardest is finding a buddy. All of this is 10 times harder being a young 11 year old diver. Finding a buddy around the same age as me was really hard, because the arn’t many young divers in Wellington, untill Caitln arrived, my dive buddy!

Now that I have a dive buddy my own age when we get to dive together* its great because we both enjoy the underwater world in the same ways.
(*with our parents or instructor)

And we are both going to Napier to dive with the ….SHARKS in the aquariumit is going to be such an amazing thrill and experience.

I LOVE to dive and nothing will stop me weather permitting, being a young diver is one of the most AWESOME things anyone could do!!!

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