5 Good Reasons to Dive in Cold Water

Now when you mention diving in colder waters to divers used to tropical waters of somewhere like Asia you will be met with a shudder and usually a response of ‘no thanks – not for me’ but with so much to see it may be time to try it out.


It makes you a better diver 

FACT! People who learn in colder waters and harder conditions make better divers. They are more prepared and familiar with how to deal with situations in less than perfect conditions. If you have only ever dived in crystal blue waters with 30m visibility it would be easy to become panicked if the vis dropped to 3-4m (fairly standard for Wellington for example) 


Unique marine topography 

Cold water produces some of the most dramatic underwater seascapes. Kelp forests, ice diving, rivers, quarries the list goes on. With this range of environments comes incredibly diverse marine life. You only have to look on our doorstep here in New Zealand to easily find one of the largest varieties of seahorse!








Dive all year round without the crowds

If you’re willing to brave the cooler waters you will be rewarded with empty dive sites – without other divers making noise and stirring up the sand you have a better chance of getting that perfect shot of an octopus wandering across the rocks! 








Better Visibility

While this might not always ring true for Wellington, usually colder water means less algae which means better vis. It also means more nutrients in the sea and more marine life.


Better dive fitness / air consumption

If you’re used to diving in cold water you will know it means thicker exposure suits which means carrying more weights. Also if you are shore diving it will often mean longer surface swims and if you’re doing it locally probably means your diving more regularly. While you might still keep your 6 pack in the fridge your dive fitness and air consumption will be much better than your friend who dives off a boat on holiday once a year in Fiji. 








Makes you sound cool AF

Ok I know this is a 6th reason and not really legit but it’s still true! When your buddies are complaining about being cold in a 3mm steamer in Thailand you can smirk and quietly knowing they are missing out. 

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