“The New Kid”

Hello! My name is Matt. I come from the South Island in a small town called Mosgiel. I started my Diving  journey at the start of 2019 completing my Diploma in Scuba Diving Instruction at Dive Otago. From there I moved to Australia the day after graduation and was working for Eagle Hawk Neck Dive Center located in Tasmania. Finishing most days in the hot sun with a cold beer whist working on my non existent.   I worked there till Covid-19 came and closed the Tasmanian borders, which meant no divers where getting to the Island. From there I moved back to New Zealand completing my Staff Instructors through Dive Otago.

From my time in the Army Cadets I built a deep love for the Outdoors from Camping, Tramping, Swimming at the beach or Motorbiking bush trails. Every Opportunity I get I will be either down in the Wop Wops or up a Mountain. On my Adventures my  bag would always be packed with my Camera, some home cooking and a good Book.

CDT SGT Matt Reid

I have a passion for Videography and Photography and that has translated into my Diving with my Macro Photography. My current underwater camera is the Olympus TG6 with Nauticam accessories and dual video lights.  I also spend time making short videos that I either post to Instagram or Youtube.  If I’m not Scuba diving or playing with a camera in my free time I will be out spearfishing and gathering shellfish.

Diving in Dunedin NZ

Kelp Forest off the coast of Tasmania

Hobart Harbour Tasmania

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